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               Lil Sluggers 6 Week Baseball Classes (ROCHESTER)  
                                      For ages 2/3 and 4/5 
                                                       Held at Soldiers Field

                     Classes Starting in July (Session 2 Classes Included)

                              Mondays 7/24 thru 8/28, 6-6:50 PM OR 7-7:50 PM

                              Tuesdays 7/25 thru 8/29, 6-6:50 PM OR 7-7:50 PM

                              Thursdays 7/27 thru 8/31, 6-6:50 PM or 7-7:50 PM
Baseball or Softball Team Training

Do you have a team that you're trying to get ready for the upcoming baseball or softball season?  If you do then let us be a part of your team training. Our 6 week program will focus on the fundamentals of hitting, throwing, fielding, 
and base running.  Each week the main focus will be on hitting. Weeks 1 & 4 will include some throwing, 
2 & 5 will include fielding, 3 & 6 will include base running. Contact us to set up your team training !
​    Rochester Heat Spring Training Information:

  * For ages 6-10

  * 12 outdoor practices (2 practices a week) 

  * Rochester Heat T-Shirt

  * We will use Zepp Baseball program to analyze each players  
     bat path along with receiving a variety of useful data.

  * We will use video to analyze hitting and throwing. 
     Player/parents will be sent the links to each video. 

  * 7:1 or less - player to coach ratio

  * Sunday Twins game where players will be able to run 
     around the bases after the game (ticket price not 
     included but we will receive a group discount)

  * Cost $200. 
    Payment plan available, contact us by phone or email
Lil Sluggers Kinderball, 4/5, or Baseball Instructional League Information:

  * Kinderball must be in kindergarten and Baseball
     for ages 6-10

  * Once a week for 6 weeks with 90 min. sessions 

  * Lil Sluggers T-Shirt

  * 9:1 or less - player to coach ratio

  * Cost $120. 
  Payment plan available, contact us by phone or email
Lil Sluggers Rochester is a national child development program created to introduce and teach boys and girls ages 2 and up the game of baseball. Weekly classes develop important baseball skills such as throwing, fielding, hitting, and base running in a fun, exciting, and positive environment!. Developmentally appropriate equipment and games are used to teach children the game of baseball. Our program is designed to also prepare children for school by teaching them listening, communication, and teamwork skills. We are Rochester's Premier Baseball Instruction Programs for kids! Check us out on Facebook.
 For more information on any of our many programs and camps that we offer call us at  507-258-4631
   Lil Sluggers Classes Information:

   * For ages 2-5 (ages 2/3 with parent participation)             * November-March classes held indoors at Soccer World
                                                                                                  April-October held outdoors at Soldiers Field 
   * Once a week for 6 weeks with 45-50 min. Classes   
                                                                                               * We offer private group classes with groups of 4 or more.
   * Lil Sluggers T-Shirt                                                             Call us to set up classes to accommodate your schedule. 
   * 6:1 or less - player to coach ratio                                      * Indoor classes cost $109 and Outdoor classes cost $90

RYBA Equipment Pick Up Day & FREE Lil Sluggers Mini Games with Instruction
Kinderball Training Days

                   Day 1: Throwing/Fielding             Day 2: Hitting/Base Running

Lil Sluggers Kinderball Training is designed to help boys/girls currently in kindergarten prepare for his/her 1st 
T-Ball summer league. We will be running free games and instruction during the RYBA equipment pick up day which 
is on May 17th from 5-8pm. Additional instruction will be given on Wednesday May 24th & May 31st for those 
who would like to learn more. Each session will be from 6-7pm or 7-8pm and will cost $15 each or $25 for both. 
Rochester Heat Team Training
 Every Wednesday and Friday
Coming this Fall​
Rochester Heat Team Training is a 6 week program, twice a week, set up to help young baseball players 
(6-10 year olds) to become better players within the team concept. 
We teach the fundamentals and techniques of every aspect of the game along with every position. 
We use video analysis for hitting/pitching along with Zepp Baseball to check swing path.
Team Training Information:

  * For ages 11-18

  * Once a week for 6 weeks with 60 min. sessions 

  * 8:1 or less - player to coach ratio

  * Cost $115 for 6 sessions or $20 per session. 
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 Lil Sluggers Summer Daycare Programs

If you are a daycare provider and are looking to add summer baseball to your daycare program, contact us. We provide a fun weekly baseball curriculum that teaches both boys and girls ages 2 and up the game of baseball!. Our program offers trained coaches, age appropriate equipment, and most of all a national baseball curriculum that emphasizes fun games and teaches listening, communication, and teamwork skills!
Held at Soldiers Field on Wednesdays 6/7 thru 7/19 from 6-7:30 PM (NO league on 7/5) 

Lil Sluggers 4/5 Instructional League is a 6 week program designed to help prepare boys/girls for 
his/her 1st real game. We will teach them the techniques and fundamentals of the game each day along with 
playing scrimmage games with situational learning. We focus on hitting, fielding, throwing, and base running for approximately 30-45 minutes and then follow that with a tee baseball scrimmage game with situational learning.
NOTE: 4 Year-olds are permitted only if they have previous Lil Sluggers Class experience.
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Location TBD 

Lessons will be given by Josh Conley, who has coached baseball/softball at the college, high school, 
and youth levels. His expertise is in teaching all 
aspects of the game and will do lessons in:
Pitching, Catching, Hitting, and Fielding for both BASEBALL & SOFTBALL.
Options: 1-on-1 up to 4-on-1
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Baseball/Softball Lessons:

  * For ages 8 & up

  * Pitching, Catching, Hitting, or Fielding 

  * 1-on-1: $50, 2-on-1: $35 each, 3-on-1: $30 each, & 4-on-1: $25 each

  * Package Deals available
     4 Lesson Package for 1-on-1: $180 ($45 each, save $20)
​     Other package deals will be by request
Lil Sluggers 6 Week Baseball Classes in AUSTIN (NEW)
For ages 2/3 & 4/5
Held at Lafayette Park next to Marcussen Field
Coming at the end of July
BASEBALL/SOFTBALL Video Analysis on Hitting & Pitching

Video Analysis will be given by Josh Conley, who has 
coached baseball/softball at the college, high school, 
and youth levels. His expertise is in teaching the 
technique and fundamentals of all aspects of the game. 
He will use Coaches Eye Application to talk you 
through what he sees in:
Baseball Pitching, Softball Pitching or Hitting
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Baseball/Softball Video Analysis:

  * For ages 8 & up

  * Baseball Pitching, Softball Pitching, or Hitting

  * Either the athlete can send video OR 
     a coach can come to video tape ($5 Cash Charge)

  * $15 for Video Analysis using Coaches Eye App